Complimentary Assessments help you achieve goals, optimize your technology stack, and save on costs!

How do you know if you are using the best solutions for your needs? How do you measure the impact and return on investment of your technology choices to avoid costly mistakes and security risks? That’s where we can help in a transformative way!

We offer complimentary assessments for cybersecurity, connectivity, collaboration, data protection, backups, and networking. Our assessments are designed to evaluate your current situation, identify gaps and optimize your infrastructure, and provide tailored recommendations.

We are experts at driving down costs and would love to connect with you for 30-45 minutes to share how exactly we do that. We have a true passion to help organizations achieve their business and budgeting goals. Please browse our complimentary assessments and sign up!

NIST CSF – Cyber Security Framework Assessment

  • Are You Ready to Protect Your Business from Cyber Threats?
  • Get a list of recommendations and steps to improve your posture and reduce risk exposure.
  • A roadmap and action plan to implement the recommendations and achieve your cybersecurity goals.
  • A detailed report of your current cybersecurity status, including the identification of vulnerabilities, threats, and impacts.

Internet Risk Threat Assessment

  • Find out how well your security posture matches industry standards, that are considered best practices.
  • Our cybersecurity expert makes sure you’re aligned with the NIST Cyber Security framework.
  • Get a comprehensive report with a score and a gap analysis showing where you could improve, and how we would make that improvement for you.

Cloud Security Maturity Assessment

  • Evaluate your cloud for any potential risks or vulnerabilities.
  • Learn how to secure your cloud services and applications with the latest tools and techniques.
  • We make sure you are currently aligned with NIST Cyber Security framework as well as others like the Cloud Security Alliance and ISO.
  • Depending upon the findings, we will propose modernized solutions to help better protect your cloud infrastructure.
  • Q & A session of your cloud security posture, whether this be SaaS services like Office365, Salesforce or an AWS or Azure deployment.
  • Receive a report with actionable recommendations and solutions for your cloud environment.

Ransomware Readiness Assessment

  • Are you truly prepared for worst-case scenarios and protecting your data and systems from ransomware attacks? 30-45 minutes with us, you will know.
  • Discover how to prevent, respond, and recover from a ransomware incident.
  • We will ensure you are aligned with the NIST Cyber Security framework and will provide transformative techniques if you not prepared for a ransomware attack.
  • Q & A session of your security readiness plan to ensure you are prepared to respond and recovery from a ransomware attack.
  • Obtain a report with suggestions for solutions, services, policies, and insurance that can help you mitigate the impact of a ransomware attack.

Vulnerability Assessment

  • Scan your Internet exposed resources, external IP addresses, and detect any weaknesses or exposures that hackers can exploit.
  • Learn how to fix vulnerabilities and enhance your security defenses.
  • Assessment performed on up to 5 external IP addresses.
  • Vulnerability assessment is performed remotely.
  • Get a report with detailed findings and recommendations and consult with a security expert on the report.

Cloud Cost Optimization Assessment

  • We will analyze your cloud usage and identify the areas where you are spending the most money. This will help you understand which services are driving your costs and where you can optimize.
  • Identifying Cloud Cost Challenges.
  • Recommendations Report to eliminate waste and ensure smart usage.
    • Reduce Azure and AWS Cloud Costs
      • Lower your Azure and AWS spend by as much as 30%.
    • Ensure Smart Usage and Growth
      • Eliminate cloud waste and gain predictability of spend.
    • Multicloud Visibility
      • Single view of both Azure and AWS usage.
    • Maintain Cloud Budget
      • Forecast capacity usage and plan effectively.
    • Make Informed Decisions
      • Collect metrics and analyze usage to better optimize costs.

We will leverage FinOps to help you optimize your cloud costs. FinOps is a methodology that aims to optimize cloud costs by fostering collaboration and cooperation between financial management and cloud operations. By leveraging FinOps effectively, organizations can get more value from their cloud investments, without significant spending increases or compromised performance.