Consolidated Computing continuously strives to be a leader in powering next generation technology decisions and solutions. We help our customers evolve and transform their technology stack, as trusted advisors we help our customers achieve their business outcomes. We’re passionate about helping you and advising you on next generation technologies and solutions for cloud, collaboration, connectivity, and cybersecurity.

With vast amounts of new technology getting introduced each day it is getting more difficult to maintain all of the technical skills in house to support the needs of the end user. As you know, it does not make financial sense to employ staff with all of these skills if they aren’t being put to use on a regular basis. This is where Consolidated Computing can help. We have a team of expert engineers ready to supplement your IT staff for implementation and support of your IT infrastructure. This way, you and your staff can concentrate on the end user and his/her applications while Consolidated Computing concentrates on your IT infrastructure. From the desktop to the datacenter, we are equipped with certified engineering expertise to deliver services and support second to none.